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Michael Schuler

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and my small craft practice. Although the range of my services has grown in the course of 30 years in business to include both design and project management, I still consider myself primarily a carpenter and cabinetmaker.

Taking a hands-on approach to a wide range of technical challenges both in the shop and on site, I specialize in projects where the demands for creativity, problem solving, and precision are high.

In addition to the information presented on this website, I can also provide references on request and arrange for on-site inspection of selected projects here in the Midwest.

I look forward to serving you. My life as a craftsman is dedicated in a spirit of constant readiness: even now I am honing myself for that day when you call upon me to bring your special project to life.


Business References

“Please accept this as my letter of recommendation to you of Mr. Michael Schuler. Previous to my moving to Ohio, I had occasion to handle loans to Mr. Schuler for his business. I always found Mike to be very honest and trustworthy during my dealings with him. I also found Mike to be very organized and creative with plans toward the future.”

Joseph A.
Bank Vice President
Zanesville, Ohio

“This letter is a reference for Michael J. Schuler. Mike has banked with our bank for the past 34 years and I have personally dealt with Mike for the past 25 years.

Mike has had numerous relationships with the bank over the years. I consider him to be a good bank customer. I have always considered Mike to be a man of high integrity and very trustworthy.”

David S.
Senior Bank Vice President
Urbana, Illinois

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Michael Schuler


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