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My cabinetmaking style draws inspiration from the elegant simplicity of various traditional designs --- Japanese, Danish, Shaker, Arts and Crafts --- while my methods range from the ancient to the most modern.

My workshop in Champaign is fully equipped and rather small; neither it nor I am suited to large production runs.

Rather, the focus is on special cabinets, chests of drawers, bookcases, beds, tables, desks, built-ins and design prototypes --- often featuring bookmatched hardwoods and frame-and-panel work, along with the more modern use of veneer and laminates.


Kind words from a few of my clients and associates …

“Michael Schuler is an ‘old-world craftsman’ living in a modern day.

In designing/building my cabinetry and desk Mr. Schuler was painstakingly careful to each detail. I enjoyed watching the process --- from choosing perfectly “bookmatched” pieces of red oak to applying the final coats of finishing oil.

It was obvious to my wife and me that Mr. Schuler is a wood-worker in the true sense of the word --- a claim that can be made by very few today.”

Dave K.
Sidney, Illinois

“It is with pleasure that I offer these comments in reference to Mr. Mike Schuler and his work.

Some time ago Mike Schuler made and installed a large custom designed security and display cabinet in my residence. Accuracy of size, shape, and finish of the cabinet was of utmost importance.

Due to his study of the scope of work required prior to its execution…the construction and installation of the cabinet was outstanding…I would not hesitate to recommend him for participation in most any endeavor.

Ben M.
Champaign, Illinois

“Your work is beautiful! The feel of the chest is lovely. We enjoyed the consideration given to us during the construction.

We hope your craftsmanship thrives!”

Bill & Alma D.
Champaign, Illinois

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Walnut Planks & Prototype

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