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My carpentry is mainly residential and geared toward finish work. While my range of experience and skills includes most aspects of the trade, two common threads run throughout: attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship.

Jobs I typically undertake include: critical layout and framing tasks; all aspects of trim and finish work, including door hanging, stair building, and the laying of hardwood flooring; joinery repairs and in-situ laminate application; fabrication of decks and pergolas; as well as the installation of cabinetry, millwork, and custom shop-built components.

Given my background and shop capabilities, I tend to solve carpentry problems whenever possible by designing components which can be fabricated off site. This not only maximizes production efficiency, but also minimizes disruption and downtime in the client’s home or workplace, as tasks performed on site are largely limited to installation and finishing details.

However, in cases which do not lend themselves to pre-fabrication, my specially designed and outfitted joiner’s van enables me to bring the most essential capabilities and efficiencies of the workshop right to your doorstep.


Kind words from a few of my clients and associates …

“Mike Schuler requested that I write to recall my experience when he designed and built a screened porch for me.

I had an open deck and originally thought I wanted a custom built screen door. As Mike visited with my wife and me, our thinking expanded to thoughts of providing an enclosed porch area. We discussed ideas and a concept emerged as to what kind of porch we might have. Mike Schuler was creative, logical and suggested that a model be created first. We agreed and within a short time, a beautiful scale model of a screened porch appeared. The model itself was a masterpiece and we quickly agreed that the porch should be built.

The project was built. It equaled or exceeded our expectations. It remains a thing of beauty and of quality both in design and workmanship.

My wife and I enjoyed working with Mike and recommend him most heartily.”

Daniel R.
Champaign, Illinois

“I would like to strongly recommend to you the work of Michael Schuler. He is a gifted carpenter, builder, and all-round craftsman; he is reliable, trustworthy, honest. And he's fun to brainstorm with!

When we decided on an extensive series of improvements, Michael went ahead with the work at a fast pace. For much of the time I was out of town, and Michael would email me detailed reports of the work in progress.  He stayed well within the range of price, and when he found unexpected problems within the house's inner construction, he again posed various ways that could be responded to.

I was extremely pleased with his work, and have been ever since. His work has stayed in excellent shape. Of all the carpentry that's been done on my house by other workers, Michael's work is by far the best. People 'ooh' and 'ah' when they walk through my house.

I come from a family of painters/carpenters, and I've recognized in Michael what I grew up with: a kind of dying breed of craftsman, who really understands the huge variety of things that make up a building, and who knows what is required.

He is a craftsman, an artist in his trade.”

Susan P.
Urbana, Illinois

“Mike Schuler worked for my husband and me some years ago when we converted our basement into an office and recreation space. His workmanship was beautiful and his competence and trustworthiness faultless.

We were so impressed in fact, that we hired him and his partner the following year to renovate an entire building. We were equally satisfied with this second project.

I believe you will find working with him always a positive experience.”

Deborah F.
Albuquerque, NM

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