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As a designer, I find that my eye seeks clean lines and honest craftsmanship which enable the beauty of wood and other natural materials to speak for itself.

Each project begins with an in initial consultation to establish the client’s goals, followed by a thorough survey of site conditions and other design considerations. A hand sketch and schematic plan generated on the spot are often sufficient to capture the essentials of what the client has in mind. From these, more detailed drawings and specifications are developed for client approval to form the basis for accurate estimating and to assure that design corrections are made with the tip of an eraser or click of a mouse, and not with a wrecking bar and demolition saw.

When appropriate, the design process can readily be expanded to include mock-ups, the fabrication of models, and even prototypes which can assist the client to visualize and evaluate options in ways which paper plans cannot.

This integrated design/build process enables the client to provide direct input and immediate feedback throughout the project’s evolution from initial concept, through design development, to final execution. Such close coordination not only assures that the finished product matches as closely as possible the client’s intentions, but also saves time and money by streamlining production and minimizing rework.


Kind words from a few of my clients and associates …

A chance encounter with a passerby turned into a lasting and extremely productive collaboration for me and my business partner some years ago.  As we stood outside our rented warehouse cutting lumber to build equipment for our new business, Mike Schuler happened to drive by. Watching our efforts, he offered the services of his shop in a Good Samaritan gesture.

After learning what our company does and the kind of specialized equipment we needed, Mike immediately offered valuable advice on the practicality, cost-effectiveness, and design we were considering. We quickly realized that Mike would be invaluable in building the custom equipment we needed, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our business.

Throughout what turned into a long-distance collaboration, Mike provided continuous updates via clear and detailed email reports that included photographs and design drawings. In addition, Mike was always available via telephone to discuss project status, helping us to evaluate design options while implementing our feedback to incorporate new ideas that emerged in the process.

The final products were much better looking and more functional than those originally conceived, thanks not only to Mike’s design and woodworking skills, but also to his ability and willingness to maintain close communications.

Ron P.
Berkeley, CA

"Mike Schuler is a mechanical genius!  He is extremely creative in finding clever solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.  He is also a true perfectionist.  He is very thorough and pays painstaking attention to detail.  His construction holds up very well over time because of the precision with which it was originally crafted.  We have nothing but praise for his abilities.  Mike is also a very pleasant person to work with.  We recommend him most highly."

Dave I.
Champaign, Illinois

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Production Cart

Production Cart

Wooden Chassis Mock-up

Welded Production Chassis

Prototype Casework

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