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Project Management

Project Management*

Built upon my 25 years of experience as a commercial jobsite superintendent, my project management work currently focuses on the contracting and supervision of certain remodeling and renovation projects where custom design, strict oversight, technical woodworking, and extreme attention to detail are required.

In this capacity, I often work on an hourly consultant basis, performing on the client’s behalf all the duties of a de facto general contractor. This arrangement, together with a local network of extremely qualified and conscientious subcontractors, maximizes value without sacrificing quality: It eliminates, for the client, the cost of profit margin and contingency markups, and for me, the financial and legal burdens associated with the standard client/general contractor relationship. Of course, for those who prefer the consolidation of responsibilities and financial obligation provided by the traditional general contractor, I can perform that role as well.

Regardless of my responsibilities and nominal title, my daily practice is to be literally on the job, with my tools, performing the duties of a working foreman. As a dedicated independent craftsman, I take great pride in being able to assure my clients that all work will be executed under my direct supervision, and much of the critical carpentry with my own hands.


Kind words from a few of my clients and associates …

“Mike Schuler asked me to write him a letter of recommendation regarding his project management skills, and I am happy to do so. In my fifteen years as a senior construction project manager, I have worked closely with Mike in a wide variety of locations and circumstances on many of our retail store build-outs. These jobs included numerous high profile and “fast track” projects involving first time execution of prototype designs, high corporate visibility, very expensive materials, and extreme deadline pressure.

Based on my experience of the extraordinary technical skills, creative problem solving, and managerial diligence Mike has consistently brought to bear on his jobs, I have come to rely on him with absolute confidence, regarding him in the way coaches sometimes refer to a quarterback or point guard as a “coach on the field…”

Mike’s high level of craftsmanship speaks for itself; I am happy to add a voice of utmost confidence in recommending his leadership and project management skills as well. In the world of commercial retail store construction, where performance pressures far exceed what is likely on any of the residential projects to which Mike has decided to shift his attention, Mike never let me down.”

Carlos R.
Miami, Florida<.p>

“As Director of Construction, I had the opportunity to hire Mike Schuler. After a short period of indoctrination into the construction program I was running, it became obvious to me that Mike had the ability to perform efficiently all the duties that were assigned to him. As time went on, his crew handled any type of job given him, anywhere, any time…

James S.
Gurnee, Illinois

 “I have the pleasure of writing this letter of recommendation for Michael Schuler who was the principal contractor for a new addition to my house in Champaign this past summer (June - Oct. 2008). I am most appreciative of his excellent carpentry skills and the wide range of subcontractors that he brought to the site for foundation work, framing, roofing, siding, window and door installation, tile flooring, plus a number of smaller items/tasks that he alone was able to take care of…

The job in question included removing the entire back porch of my residence, then constructing the addition in its place (and beyond...) consisting of a bedroom, a bathroom, a large closet and a generous size replacement back porch for use during almost all seasons. The cost of the project was fairly substantial but came in almost exactly on target.”

Fred J.
Champaign, Illinois

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