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The Operating System for the Thinking Man's Shop


See the 1-FENCE™ system in action here!

Kit Contents
Quan Code Description Unit Total
1 X-20 1-FENCE™ Extrusion - 20” 25 25
1 X-40 1-FENCE™ Extrusion - 40” 50 50
1 X-60 1-FENCE™ Extrusion - 60” 75 75
1 SC System Connector Kit 25 25
2 UC Universal Clamp (Pair) 15 30
2 C Coupler 25 50
1 DS Deluxe Stop 75 75
1 GB-60 Gauge Bar - 60” 15 15
1 ATB Anti-Tearout Block 05 05
1 L-20 Support Ledge – 20” 05 05
1 L-40 Support Ledge – 40” 10 10
1 TL Telescopic Leg 35 35

    KIT VALUE   400
    KIT SAVINGS   -41
    1-FENCE™ SMALL SHOP KIT   $359

Individual and Specialty Components

  Code Description Unit  

Router Table Fence Kit
Kit contains:
(1) X-40 w/ Cut-out
(1) UC (Pair)
(1) Split Subfence (Melamine) 

  TC Table Clamp 25  
  TXB Table Extension Bracket 50  
  X-20 1-FENCE™ Extrusion - 20” 25  
  X-40 1-FENCE™ Extrusion - 40” 50  
  X-50 1-FENCE™ Extrusion - 50” 75  
  X-60 1-FENCE™ Extrusion - 60” 75  
  X-100 1-FENCE™ Extrusion - 100” 125  
  X-125 1-FENCE™ Extrusion - 125" 150 + Freight
  US Universal Stop 20  


The Operating System for the Thinking Man's Shop

Stop Fence, Workpiece Support, and Flexible Fixturing for All Your Machines

In the modern woodworking shop we use a wide range of machines to transform wood into projects, much as in the office we use a variety of computer programs to process data.

Just imagine the inefficiency and added costs we would face if we needed a separate operating system as a platform for each of our computer programs. Yet, when you stop to think about it, that sort of inefficiency and redundant expense is exactly what we woodworkers have long accepted when it comes to the proprietary fences and accessories provided for our woodworking machines.

The 1-FENCE™ system changes that by providing a truly universal set of high-precision machine components. By using the same fence extrusion and accessories throughout your shop, you can achieve enhanced capabilities, extended value, and integrated operations on all your machines.


The heart of the system is the 1-FENCE™ universal extrusion. Manufactured to strict tolerances for straightness and twist, its robust section, practical dimensions, and four-sided T–slot design enable it to be quickly and easily mounted to just about any machine table or fence, by using readily available common fasteners or a variety of practical system mounting components.

This flexible mounting enables production shops to permanently outfit various makes and models of machines, each with its own dedicated 1-FENCE™ setup, and then use the same quality stops and accessories on any of them, as job requirements demand.

Likewise, the small shop or DIY enthusiast can take advantage of the system’s modular universal design to achieve the same enhanced capabilities by sharing the components from a single 1-FENCE™ Small Shop Kit among some or even all the machines in his shop --- not only today but also for years to come when his shop grows and machines are upgraded or replaced. The extended value of your 1-FENCE™ investment will outlive your current machines.


1-FENCE™ can serve as a high-precision fence and stop system for virtually any machine, including: cut-off saws, radial saws, mitre saws, mitre gauges, crosscut sleds, sliding tables, drill presses, router tables, shapers, tenoners, mortisers, and more. The proven stop design includes a spring-loaded stop finger which can be by-passed with a touch of the end of the work piece rather than requiring that the operator manually flip the stop up by hand. When work pieces are longer than arm’s length, or multiple stops are in use, this saves time and unnecessary motion.

At the blade or cutter, a wooden anti-tearout block is mounted to the fence to match the thickness of the stop body. By making the first cut right through this sacrificial block, you have not only the assurance of clean exit cuts but also a precise indication of where the tool will enter the work piece. And since the work piece makes contact only with the anti-tearout block and stop body, rather than the entire length of the fence extrusion, sawdust build-up does not interfere with proper indexing.

Hand measurement is eliminated by use of the hairline cursor mounted to the back of the stop and an adjustable gauge bar which can be positioned inside the T-slot anywhere along its length. When the kerf or tool changes, re-positioning of the gauge bar, rather than each hairline cursor, re-calibrates multiple stops all at once.

The scalable stop system can also be readily upgraded to digital precision. The standard hairline cursor is simply unbolted from the back of the stop body and replaced with a digital read-out, while the manual gauge bar is replaced in the top T-slot by a digital scale. Since the 1-FENCE™ setup is readily moved from one machine to another, and the digital readout can be zeroed at any position, a single 1-FENCE™ digital stop fence can provide absolute accuracy wherever and whenever you need it in your shop. Remember going to the theatre and wearing those special 3-D glasses? For the demanding DIY woodworker, a single 1-FENCE™ digital stop system can serve as a pair of cost-effective digital eye-glasses for every machine in your shop


1-FENCE™ is more than just a high-precision stop fence. The system’s innovative design enables it to simultaneously provide precise extended work piece support for virtually any machine.

The 1-FENCE™ patented 3-step method of table extension is foolproof and absolutely simple, yet so precise it can even extend the bed of a jointer, regardless of depth of cut adjustments. First, a length of 1-FENCE™ extrusion is mounted so that a portion of its bottom edge lies directly on the machine table, with the remainder of its length cantilevered outward to act as a beam. Second, a flat work support ledge is bolted to the bottom edge of the extended beam. Since the bottom of the beam projects the plane of the table, the ledge automatically becomes a perfectly aligned extension of the table. Finally, after adjustment of table height and/or fence position, a telescopic support leg is extended down from the end of the beam to maintain the precise elevation already established by the first two steps.

Along with extended work support, another benefit of this elegant design is that the 1-FENCE™ table extension effectively serves as an outrigger, enabling you to safely and accurately use small machines to process workpieces so large that they might otherwise topple the machines over.

Finally, by use of the 1-FENCE™ system coupler, which allows the accurate end-joining of extrusions, you can quickly deploy this extended support whenever and wherever you need it, without giving up valuable floor space when you don’t.

For example, a short length of 1-FENCE™ extrusion (20” or 40”) might be mounted permanently as the fence on your drill press or band saw. When the occasional need to process extra long workpieces arises, a second length of extrusion, with work support ledge and leg attached to form a portable table extension, can be mounted to provide extra support and gauging range on either the infeed or outfeed end of the machine, or both.

The system’s ability to simultaneously extend both table and gauging range allows many shops to minimize the floor and bench space permanently dedicated to their cut-off saws. For example, if a 60” range would work for most of your work, with the exception of the occasional job requiring 100” or more, you could permanently mount a 60”extrusion and gauge bar to your cut-off saw bench, and then still be able to deal with the odd job requiring greater capacity by adding another 40” or more via the coupler. And when that job is done, the table extension setup can be quickly put away or moved on to the next 1-FENCE™ machine to be used in the process.


The 1-FENCE™ extrusion’s straightness, strength, dimensions, and 4-sided T-slot design make it the ideal platform for flexibly mounting all sorts of shop-made jigs and fixtures, as well as many popular third party accessories, a number of which you might already own.

For example, flip stops manufactured by Vega, WoodHaven, FastTrak, and others will bolt up to the 1-FENCE™ T-slot either right out of the box, or with only minor modification to accommodate the larger diameter of the 1-FENCE™ system connectors. (3/8”-16 heavy hex nuts fit the 1-FENCE™ T-slot.) Similarly, you can mount your Board Buddy hold-downs anywhere along the length of your 1-FENCE™ extrusions by simply reaming their mounting holes to accept the system’s 3/8” screws.


With its virtually universal machine compatibility, multiple functions, wide variety of mounting possibilities, and many uses, the 1-FENCE™ system has been characterized as “Tinker Toys for precision woodworking.” It sounds cliché, but with 1-FENCE™ there is truly no limit beyond your own imagination to the useful applications you can create. The 1-FENCE™ System puts You in control of your woodworking machines...


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Patent Detail

Universal T-Slot Fence

Operating System for Jigs and Accessories

The "Operating System" for
All Your Jigs and Accessories
























Operating System for Jigs and Accessories

The "Operating System" for
All Your Jigs and Accessories




Patent Detail



Fence and Table Extension in One

Fence and Table Extension:
Two functions in One


Bypass Stops Eliminate Hand Measurement

Precision Bypassable Stops
Eliminate Hand Measurement





Adjustable Gauge Bar

Kerf Change? Adjust Gauge Bar
To Zero Multiple Stops at once!







Auto-aligning Jointer Extension

Auto-aligning Jointer Extension:
Make your Jointer 10 feet long!

Adjustable Split Router Fence

Adjustable Split Router Fence
with Table Extension Support

Precision Coupler

Quick Coupler Extends
Fence and Support at once

Extended Range

Extended Range
Just when you need it

Extendable Cut-off Fence/Support

Extendable Cut-off Fence/Support
for Chop Saws and Sliding Tables



Operating System for Jigs and Accessories

The "Operating System" for
All Your Jigs and Accessories


Patent Detail


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